And talk to no one…

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If you have a civil case pending in court it is best not to discuss the proceedings with anyone, trusted or not. The important facts of the case are really not anyone’s business but you and your attorney. The possible implications of open discussion of ones case could result in catastrophic results for your case. The litigation business is nasty and cutthroat. The opposing side will do whatever possible to gather condemning evidence against you and your case. Your opponents will pursue situations that will put your information in jeopardy. They will go to great lengths to glean information from third parties and unsuspecting people close to you or your case. Even leading them to believe that what their doing is to help you and your current situation. “Loose lips sink ships” was a great propaganda slogan used in the second world war. It reminded the average American everybody was not to be trusted. The same is true with your civil case. Especially where large sums of money is involved. Companies will go to great lengths to protect their assets. You should consider practising the same behavior. Nobody really cares or wants to hear about your business anyway…or do they?

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