Status Determination in a Criminal Investigation

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In a bid to ascertain your status, your lawyer will have to get from you some answers by asking some questions; the attorney may ask the The prosecutor, though they have the final decision in deciding the verdict of the case but it would be of much importance because the Agents may have more information about the cases. The opinion of the prosecutor is important in determining where you fit in and what they think you can say as a cooperating witness, it is also key in
Determining whoever is targeted in the case. The attorney should take the chance to get as much information as possible from the prosecutor.
The defense attorney may also find the need contact other attorneys who have experience in the field. The attorney could as well be representing other people involved in the whole case and the main reason behind this is so that information on what witnesses have been saying about you is got with the most immediate of effects. There is, however, the need to be quite cautious when dealing with such issues because, in some cases, he law does not allow for such and mighty jut add to the already existent criminal; record in one’s file. This thus calls for professionalism regarding the attorney involved.

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