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Situations When a Police has The Right To Search

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As an American you the freedom from search that is not reasonable by a police officer. It is important to note that the police officers may not always need to have a warrant in order to search your property. Before you can press charges for a police infringing on your rights for conducting an unreasonable search, it is important to learn when a police can search you and your belongings. The police search you and your belongings under a warrant to search which is a directive signed by a judge that permits the police to search for something specific if there is a predictable cause that the crime was done. Search warrants are very particular and limited to specific areas, for specific object and time. Search that is under a warrant is restricted to the terms of the warrant. However, in most cases the police may not need a search warrant for instance in a situation where you consent the police to search when they ask you for permission to search, when the police has the right to be at that place, when making an arrest the police can search you for anything like a weapon, and when the police is protecting the safety of the public.

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