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You are in a bind you have to go to court an your lawyer is going to tell you something you have been hearing since you were a kid.The lecture in short is keep your mouth shut unless spoken too.So with that said we are going to go over some things that you need to keep private unless needed.

When it comes time to prep for your case your lawyer is going to advise you not to talk about certain things that could ruin your case on the spot.One of these things is talking to guys outside the inner circle would could leak info that can an will come back to haunt you.Avoiding this is easy just talk to your lawyer an only him.Another thing that could happen is you going to court for another reasons an bringing it up there when it had no reason to be brought up.For many this has been a mistake that has gotten them thrown in jail.

After all that has been said listen to your lawyer an keep it zipped unless needed because you never know what could happen if you don’t.Make the best of it my friends on stand.

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