Do Not be Accused Based on Your Confessions

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When a police states a confession that is not in the reports or any files, your criminal defense attorney should attack such confessions that are not written in any files or records. In fact, he or she should attack the police in an aggressive manner that will suggest the police is either mistaken or the police is not being honest. The facts that the criminal defense attorney can emphasize in such cases include, the statement was allegedly made long time ago, and the police took part in the process of arrest and investigations since then, in this point the police should agree or disagree that many of the police officers have participated in the same types of cases. Another point that the attorney can make is that during the investigations the police officer has interrogated several suspects, witnesses, and people who have been arrested, and he is sure that through his profession and training that the words of person who has been arrested are vital evidences. The attorney should remind the police officer that he has been trained to note down reports so that they can act as evidences in court. In this case the attorney will urge the jury that it not right to place weight on the words of the defendant as it was not committed in writing.

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