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Illegal Arrests

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After being arrested your family may be looking for you if you did not get the chance to make a phone call. They may want to contact a lawyer for help.
When a person is arrested they will most likely go to the county jail and then the courthouse with possible a stop at a booking facility. This may be a little different on nights and weekends.
If you have hired an attorney they will want to speak to the arresting officer. If the officer is unknown then they may to speak to someone at the jail or someone at central booking.
When the attorney is able to get into contact with the client they will want to know some of the following information. They will want to know how long you have been in the facility, are you going to be eligible for bail or release , and a person be visited by their attorney or their family.
For a person is arrested the police must have probable cause they a crime was committed. An illegal arrest happened there may be consequences.
If a person was arrested without probable cause a person must be released.
Any evidence collected after the illegal arrest must be suppressed.

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