The Hard Facts About Parole

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Most offenders jump at the chance of getting out of prison on parole. An important fact to remember is that parole is a privilege, not a right. Offenders should make themselves fully aware of what being on parole entails. While out on parole, offenders need to understand that there are specific terms of parole that must be adhered to, or their parole can be revoked. Many parolees believe that as long as they do not break any laws they can come and go as they please, however, this is not true. Offenders must report to their parole officers soon after release and report on a regular basis as per their P.O.’s instruction. Also, parolees must inform their P.O.’s whenever they move or change jobs and must ask for permission to leave the city or state in which they were released.

Parole basically allows you to serve the remainder of your prison sentence on the street. If a P.O. constantly requires you to come in, then you must follow his instructions as a condition of your parole. Another condition of parole is that a police officer or P.O. can search you at any time for any reason without a warrant. One of the best ways to gain more freedom is to establish a good relationship with your P.O. by doing what you are told. Once your P.O. feels he can trust you, he will most likely back off a bit. If you do find yourself facing a parole violation, then contact a criminal attorney immediately.

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