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Determining the amount of bail - Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyers

Determining the amount of bail

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When a person is arrested the judge sets the amount of bail that they are required to pay. Doing so takes a lot of considerations that may not be fully understood and there is a lot of judgment taken on the part of the judge when making the decision regarding the amount of bail. Factors that go into the decision making process include your wealth and income, the severity of the crime that you are accused of committing, as well as your family needs and standing in the community.

Ultimately the decision to set your bail will be centered around whether they see you as a flight risk or if you will be responsible enough to return to court for your case. Much of this is based on the arguments of the prosecuting and defending lawyers and the internal beliefs of the judge as well as your own reputation and actions.

Beyond that you will be expected to not bother any witnesses and to conduct yourself in a lawful way until your case is processed. Your defense attorney generally focuses on how the case is not serious and how the evidence is not strong against you when trying to have the bail set at a lower amount.

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