Aggressive Criminal Defense

A South Georgia’s Criminal Defense Attorney : Speech Rights for AI? Our South Georgia’s Criminal Defense Attorney works to fight for their clients’ rights in a variety of different constitutional areas, including violations of the First Amendment right to free speech. While you and everyone else have free speech rights, some non-human entities have also been […]

Coerced Confessions

Has the confession been coerced? Friendship If there are any false threats to the family or friends of a suspect that would mean losing children or receiving additional charges if there is no confession could be invalidated. If there is a friendship between the person arrested and the officer, then the confession could be deemed […]


Don’t You are in a bind you have to go to court an your lawyer is going to tell you something you have been hearing since you were a kid.The lecture in short is keep your mouth shut unless spoken too.So with that said we are going to go over some things that you need […]

Search and Seizure Protocol

There are tons of cases where a person may have been charged with a crime, based on possession of something, when there may have been an illegal search and seizure conducted by the police. In these types of cases, the defendant has to prove that there were things that took place that were illegal, which […]

How to Select the Best Jury for Your Case

One thing any good criminal defense attorney understands is that selecting a jury is not only challenging but crucial to the outcome of a case as well. Selecting the right jury generally comes from experience but there are some tactics that can be utilized to help select the best jury for your case. Get to […]

Determining the amount of bail

When a person is arrested the judge sets the amount of bail that they are required to pay. Doing so takes a lot of considerations that may not be fully understood and there is a lot of judgment taken on the part of the judge when making the decision regarding the amount of bail. Factors […]

Filing An Insurance Claim Should Be Easy and Fast

Filing an insurance claim shouldn’t be difficult with the right insurance company. Your responsibility is providing the information, paperwork, and signatures, they may require. You shouldn’t be bottled down with making calls and wrestling with the other insurance company. In fact, proper legal consultation will assist you in the event that the other party is […]

And talk to no one…

If you have a civil case pending in court it is best not to discuss the proceedings with anyone, trusted or not. The important facts of the case are really not anyone’s business but you and your attorney. The possible implications of open discussion of ones case could result in catastrophic results for your case. […]

Status Determination in a Criminal Investigation

In a bid to ascertain your status, your lawyer will have to get from you some answers by asking some questions; the attorney may ask the The prosecutor, though they have the final decision in deciding the verdict of the case but it would be of much importance because the Agents may have more information […]

The Hard Facts About Parole

Most offenders jump at the chance of getting out of prison on parole. An important fact to remember is that parole is a privilege, not a right. Offenders should make themselves fully aware of what being on parole entails. While out on parole, offenders need to understand that there are specific terms of parole that […]
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