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South Georgia's Criminal Defense AttorneyA South Georgia’s Criminal Defense Attorney : Speech Rights for AI?

Our South Georgia’s Criminal Defense Attorney works to fight for their clients’ rights in a variety of different constitutional areas, including violations of the First Amendment right to free speech. While you and everyone else have free speech rights, some non-human entities have also been deemed to enjoy them, including corporations and labor unions. Recently, two law professors have explored the possibility of free speech rights for artificial intelligence, or AI, as well.

Emphasis on Listeners Rather than Speakers

When many people think of the right to free speech, they think about it in terms of the speaker rather than on the listener. Some constitutional scholars instead view the right through a lens focused on the listener, analyzing to determine whether what is spoken or expressed provides value to those who hear it. When the right to free speech is viewed in this way, your South Georgia’s Criminal Defense Attorney believes it may extend to any speaker, including artificial intelligence.

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence and the Question of Free Speech

Currently, it is improbable that constitutional protections would be extended to artificial intelligence since the speech produced is controlled by humans. As technology advances, however, the likelihood increases. In the future, it is possible that AI will advance to the degree that a robot could potentially produce speech that it calls its own rather than the speech of its owner or creator. In that scenario, it’s not impossible to imagine speech rights being extended to cover and protect AI as well as humans.

Potential Issues with Extending Free Speech Protections to AI

Some scholars theorize that if AI was given free speech rights and protections, the relationship between machines and humans could be so changed that it could have serious and unforeseeable consequences. Others theorize that if AI does become autonomous with continued development, problems could instead exist if free speech rights did not protect AI. Instead, these scholars raise concerns about the possibility of a government working to control the speech of AI in an Orwellian fashion.

Freedom of Expression

While imagining a world in which the freedom of expression for AI is at issue may seem remote, it is possible that we could get to that point. The right to free speech and expression is contained in U.S. Constitutional Amendment I, which provides that those who enjoy the freedom of expression have the right to free speech, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble and the right to protest governmental action. Under the due process clause contained in U.S.

Constitutional Amendment XIV, the courts have determined that these rights also extend to protections from state government as well as from the federal government. According to our South Georgia’s Criminal Defense Attorney, freedom of speech is meant to allow people to be able to express themselves without the government interfering with them. There are still categories of speech that are not considered to be protected, however, which have been defined through case law decided by the courts. When people have their rights to freedom of speech or expression violated by the government, they may thus have the basis for a civil rights lawsuit for the violation. It is difficult imagining a time when AI might also enjoy this right.

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